Dear Guests,

this year’s ENVICON is the third edition of a new formula meeting of environmental protection experts accompanying the POLEKO fair. As in the previous years, the Congress will provide a great opportunity to acquire the latest knowledge and discuss the most up-to-date and provident issues.

The representatives of administration will address new directions of environmental policy within the context of energy security which is a decisive factor shaping it. For years waste management has been an established topic during our meetings. This year implementation of a new municipal waste management system brings new quality to this discussion.

After a time of unprecedented investment within the water and waste water management new challenges appear which will be addressed during special sessions. Technical sessions will be supplemented with lectures on environmental protection financing sources, constituting yet another approach to the private public partnership PPP as an effective way to complete investments. I strongly believe that the Congress will contribute to the continuous improvement of environment in our country.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Professor Andrzej Mizgajski, PhD

Head of the Envicon Scientific Committee

Honorary patronage

Janusz Piechociński

Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of Economy

Marcin Korolec

Minister of the Environment

Stanisław Żelichowski                                                                  

Chairman of the Environmental Protection, Natural Resources and Forestry Committee

Ryszard Grobelny

President of the City of Poznań

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